Important Tips That Will Make Renting A Cakewalk For The First Timers!

Planning to move to a new city for living? Or purchasing a new house? Well there are plenty of options for estate houses which will help you to rent a property with your favorite facilities and amenities. Being a first-timer, there could be certain challenges that you would face while renting a property but they can easily be avoided with some careful planning.

For paying rent to buy flats can be a hassle as you don’t exactly know what is the ideal amount that you must agree on but it cannot be avoided , for of course it is the primary step before you buy a place to live in!

Here are some important tips which you need to keep in mind in order to rent a place that gives you full satisfaction!

  • Budget yourself: It is important to budget yourself well, which means to figure out your monthly income or pocket money (if you are a student). You need to budget yourself and gather up all your monthly expenditures which may include grocery, travels, fees or other rents if you have any.  It is said that 30 per cent or less of your monthly expenditure should be allowed to spend on rent. So, look for an ideal property that fits in your budget. Don’t go overboard and opt for a property that has a high rent or is high on maintenance.
  • Hire an agent: You must choose the best and hire an agent for your real estate rent. There is not one but plenty of houses for sale in discovery, so i is important to hire an ideal agent who operates the locality well, and is keen to rent a property for you. You must tell him about the type of estate house you are looking for including your budget. Try to make visits with the agent, the more visits you make, the more it will make you look like a serious renter. 
  • Know what you want: While few people look for a studio apartment, others look for a 2BHK. Choosing the property is as important as considering the layout along with the space and construction of the apartment or your home. Of course, nobody likes pesky and noisy neighbours. If we consider the terms of accommodation, it is important to make a list of things you would want, including the choice of floor you would want to live on, balconies, sun-facing, the number of rooms, kind of bathroom, well-equipped kitchen. Also make sure all your details are included within your budget which will be relevant for a long run. 
  • Review the rent agreement: Once you have laid your eyes and made your choice at the particular place, have a look at the rent agreement. Look for every detail which includes rent, security deposit and the tenure of the notice period that is being served to you in order to pay rent to buy flats and the monthly rent. 

Make sure the terms and conditions you are fully agreed upon and are in favour of both the parties. Let your agent help you in this process

  • Set your moving plan: We all are very well aware of how hard the process of shifting is. Hence, it is important to make sure that you hire the services of packers and movers properly, or else if you have a bunch of friends who could help set up your new home.
  • Know your rights: As a tenant, you must know all your rights. These points will help you stand ground in times when things go awry and will also help to make you aware about the rights that your landlord enjoys.