So You’re Building A New Home and You’ve Thought It All The Way Through.

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homes built in the last 40 years in Canada are relatively airtight. Before that, we generally relied on leaky uninsulated walls to provide fresh air and prevent mold and mildew, and they did that very well. Cost and comfort had us adding insulation, but not necessarily sealing our walls. The folly of this was quickly realized, and vapor barriers became a part of the building envelope shortly thereafter.

Or so you’ve thought. Did you know one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when building a new home is not thinking through lighting and major tech day night switch?
when building a new home light fixtures and outlets should be plentiful, but so should windows. Windows should be present in every room and as large as possible. And natural light should be the main source of light. That’s why it’s so important to spend time researching the windows you want for your new home.

Qualified technicians can conduct air leak audits and suggest solutions for problem areas. Some companies offer a full retrofit building sealing service. Blower door tests are used to measure the airtightness of the building and thermal imaging cameras locate the leaks. A more detailed energy assessment can also be obtained where, in addition to an air leak audit, the technician examines all aspects of your home’s thermal performance. This includes glazing, insulation, thermal bridging, thermal mass, airtightness, and passive heating and cooling. These reports are more simply understood when explained through thermal images.

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Humidity, Condensation and Your Home

The best way to avoid condensation is to reduce excess humidity inside your home. While it can certainly be a problem, in the vast majority of cases, it can be controlled or eliminated.

Explore many low-cost ways to save energy in your home.

Lighting expand
improving lighting efficiency is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reduce energy use and costs. Switch to led bulbs. Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy star qualified led bulbs, which use up to 90 percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last up to 25 times longer. They also generate up to 90 percent less heat to help reduce your home cooling costs. One led bulb can save you up to $80 in electricity costs over its lifetime. Led bulbs are available now in a variety of trendy styles, including vintage-look Edison filament bulbs.

1. Simple Birdhouse Plans

This birdhouse is another traditional style. It, too, would be a good fit for a beginner carpenter or even as a small family project. It would be one that you could likely include small children in as well. And it also gives simplified detailed instructions which makes the build that much easier. So if you would like simple birdhouse plans that you could design to fit your taste then this one could be it.

100-gallon freshwater holding tank
10-gallon quick recovery water heater w/direct spark ignition (gas/electric)
120v/12v ac/dc converter
13,500 BTU/h front a/c
13,500 BTU/h rear a/c w/heat pump
30,000/20,000 BTU/h furnace (36h)
34,000 BTU/h furnace (33c, 35k, 35p)
blu-ray® home theater sound system (33c, 35k, 36h)
mid tv soundbar (35p)
deluxe roller bearing, full extension drawer guides & transit-ship locks.

Installing a baseboard heater circuit: wiring a baseboard heater thermostat and electric panel circuit then wiring connections for the installed baseboard wall heater. Instructions for converting baseboard heating radiant heating. How to wire a thermostat
wiring for furnace heating and air conditioning. Although many home heating and air conditioning systems have a standard type thermostat cable with color-coded wires, the wires should be identified to make sure of the exact purpose for each wire.

Air cannot hold large amounts of heat, so radiant air floors are not cost-effective in residential applications and are seldom installed. Although they can be combined with solar air heating systems, those systems suffer from the obvious drawback of only producing heat in the daytime, when heating loads are generally lower. The inefficiency of trying to heat a home with a conventional furnace by pumping air through the floors at night outweighs the benefits of using solar heat during the day. Although some early solar air heating systems used rocks as a heat-storage medium, this approach is not recommended (see solar air heating systems ).

Natural light is always an asset in any home. The more sun you have to come in through skylights and large windows, the more open and inviting space will appear. Also, when you have the sun working for you full time, it cuts down on daytime energy costs. However, whenever you open up your house to the outdoors, you’re also making yourself vulnerable to exterior threats. In this case, the more daylighting you have in the home, the more you risk overexposure to the sun. Solar gain, heat loss, and UV infiltration will always be an issue when it comes to natural light. Therefore, when installing new window panes in your house, it’s always a good idea to invest in Low-E windows.